Visiting The Rye Arts Center to view classes or attend performances has provided me with the opportunity to witness children engaged in the arts in a joyful and supportive setting. The Rye Arts Center provides students with highly qualified teachers who encourage them to be brave and curious and to actively participate in the creative process, not merely witness it. In music, art, and dance, the center has a well-conceived arts curriculum that teaches skills, provides tools that help children discover and release creative talent and supports freedom for fanciful thoughts.
I deeply believe that the arts are critical to the fabric of children’s lives and their ability to express themselves. With that in mind, The Rye Arts Center provides the environment that gives voice to children, enabling them to explore the power of their imaginations and liberate them from the ordinary. Bravo, Rye Arts Center.
— Anonymous

I have been enrolled in the same painting class since 2010. I have had classmates ages 18-88. We’ve had babies, grandbabies, bereavements, new jobs, the list goes on. The one constant has been going there each week to paint. We encourage and support each other. It’s a true gem in my life.
— RAC Student

What a delight to become part of The Rye Arts Center! Our children have and continue to thrive in the varied visual and performance-based programs. The summer’s highlight was a week-long theater camp in which children learn and put on a show from start to finish. Watching the group of new friends come together in a musically infused evening, it was as if the planets were in complete alignment—a heart-swelling night.
— Parent of RAC Student

I cannot say enough about our daughter’s experience at the RAC this past year. She loved it and thoroughly enjoyed and ate up every project, every movement, every minute with her friends and teachers there. Today they had an end of year celebration that was the sweetest, funniest and happiest thing I’ve ever seen. The 🌈 song in sign language blew me away. Thank you and your staff.
— Anonymous

The lessons that my daughter had with Teresa over the last two years have been wonderful. Her voice has developed beautifully, but more importantly, so has her confidence.

The Rye Art Center has been a part of her life since she was a little girl living overseas - and going to camp during her Rye summer visits. It has always been a place where she has felt welcomed and free to develop as a performer.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment, and for being fabulous teachers.
— Parent of a RAC Music Student

Here’s a shout out to The Rye Arts Center for the best five-year-old birthday party my son, Ian, could image. He fractured his wrist a couple weeks ago, but even prior to the injury, he was excited to have a polymer clay party at The Rye Arts Center rather than Fenom, Kids U, etc. He loves art and loves his half day for half pints with the Rye Arts team.
Terry Taylor, who leads the polymer clay parties, how only met Ian in a couple holiday workshops. The party is supposed to be for ages six and up, and maximum 12 kids. We had 15 four and five-year-olds dressed in superhero costumes and it was amazing. Terry led the children through the activities with patience and encouragement. They were so proud of their abilities and had fun exploring and playing with the clay. We couldn’t believe that she could keep them focused, smiling and creating for over an hour! An extra highlight was the Comic Book exhibit in the gallery – it was the opening reception, so the lobby was filled with Superhero memorabilia and staff dressed as superheroes.
Another added bonus – being right in town means easy drop off/pick up in the midst of a busy weekend afternoon. I highly recommend The Rye Arts Center for birthday parties.
— Review of a Birthday Party at the RAC

We became members this year to take advantage of the programs offered after school. Our daughters attend Resurrection School and we are so lucky that the RAC is located within walking distance - so convenient!
Our 4th grader is in Nicole’s “Engineering & Design Challenge” class. She participated in the first session (starting in Sept) and absolutely LOVED it and it was a guarantee that she’d re-register for the current session. Nicole is fabulous with the children and nurtures their thirst for exploration. This class introduced technology and learning aids we otherwise might not have known about...Little Bits and Snap Circuits are just a couple of tools that our daughter asked for as holiday gifts because she used them at RAC and wanted the chance to continue to tinker with them at home. Further, those toys are guaranteed to come out during play dates, which makes all of parents happy to know that TVs and screens are NOT in use and the children are engaging their brains.
The RAC has opened us up to so many valuable experiences already. We already plan to send our daughters to RAC for summer classes... anxiously awaiting the Summer Catalog!
— Parent of RAC student

The Rye Arts Center is a terrific community resource. I recently took my first painting class, Loosen Up and Paint. The instructor was great, and I loved the class!
— Anonymous

We are beyond pleased with the love and passion for the arts that the entire staff at the RAC instills in our child.
— Parent of a RAC music student

My “Steve Jobs” is taking a Python class at The Rye Arts Center now and is loving it! He also took the Scratch class. They have a nice program there.
— Parent of RAC student

We’ve had an excellent experience at The Rye Arts Center. Haven’t experienced with all the teachers there but the one my daughter has is great and she’s truly enjoying it.
— Parent of RAC student

Today my Mom, Gina Burton attended her first Dance for PD class at your center. She loved it and was so happy when we spoke about the class. She said it was a bright shining moment to what has been a dark time. She also physically felt great after the class.
As a child, my mom lived in England and was Junior World Ballroom Champion. Later in life she taught ballroom, ballet and choreographed local musicals. I am so very grateful for this lovely program and the joy it has brought my mom.
— Review of the RAC's "Dance for Parkinson's Class"

I feel fortunate to have such a gem of an arts appreciation organization so close to me. I used to go to The Rye Arts Center solely for my children’s activities — they have a plethora of outstanding courses ranging from music to art to theater in the summer. My children took piano lessons, cartooning, photography, Minecraft, basic programming, and summer theater productions that included Mary Poppins and Matilda. As I’ve learned more about The Rye Arts Center, I have been going more often than even my children. I have attended cultural music concerts and comedy nights. I’ve gone on tours of local art galleries organized by The Rye Arts Center. In addition, I’ve loved the exhibits at The Rye Arts Center. Who could forget the Irving Harper collection? And most recently, I loved the Nenne Sanguineti Pogge exhibit. As much as I love all the concerts, performances, and productions in NYC, it’s so logistically easy to have great family and adult programming available here in Westchester County without all the train hassle.
— Parent and student of the RAC

The Rye Arts Center is a wonderful organization that offers high quality programs across the visual arts, music arts and dance. Its programs are organized for young children, teenagers and adults. My personal experience with the programs has been consistently positive. My children learned how to play musical instruments at the RAC, in addition to attending drawing classes. They are now teenagers and continue to utilize the skills they learned. The programs and sponsorships for adults are also of high value. strong endorsement from this writer for the RAC.
— Parent of RAC student

The Rye Art Center is a treasure — great art classes and instructors, a gallery with rotating exhibits, demos, and more. As an adult art student, I feel fortunate to have this resource in my community. I also want to compliment the management for their excellence — I made a suggestion recently, which was taken graciously, and the follow through was perfect. Well done!
— Adult RAC student

Fantastic arts organization to work with. I’ve been doing Painters on Location for the better part of two decades, and it’s well-run, professional and at the same time, kind and warm.
— RAC Painters on Location Artist

The Rye Arts Center truly has something for everyone. Our children have really enjoyed the summer theater camps for the last three years. I highly recommend all classes at The Rye Arts Center and be sure to check out their wide and varied panels, shows and concerts.
— Parent of RAC student

The Rye Arts Center is a treasure in our community. It enriches our lives by bringing top notch events and shows into the community. Many thanks to everyone who works and otherwise contributes to make this all happen…
— Anonymous

The classes and programs are so varied, there is something for everyone at The Rye Arts Center. I especially enjoy a painting class for adults. With no prior experience I have been guided to complete paintings worthy of hanging on my wall.
— Anonymous

I’ve discovered hidden painting talent! I started with watercolors taught by Brigitte Loritz, who is amazing, and am now working with acrylics and oils with Elizabeth Derderian. Even after a busy work day, spending a few hours in an evening painting class is a highlight of my week…
— Anonymous