Instructor: Maureen Mancini Amaturo

Thursday, November 15,  10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Groucho Marx said that if you’ve got a great character, you got a great story. So with 7.2 billion real people on Earth, how do we create great fake ones?  Creating people on the page who are as annoying, seductive, entertaining, baffling, offensive, caring, attractive, dimensional, and diverse as our social network/family/workforce is integral to creating a relationship between the reader and the story. When the character is sculpted well, he or she will influence everything else, and we will miss that character terribly when the book is finished. That’s when a successful character can lead to a successful sequel. We’ll discuss some of the tricks that help our fake characters keep it real.  
FEE: $75 (members receive discount)