The Rye Arts Center offers a schedule of week-long morning, afternoon, and late afternoon classes each week from June 25 - August 24. You can fill your child's entire summer with creativity and fun, or simply fill the gaps. We would be happy to work with you to best fit your child’s schedule and interests.

Click on the title of the class to register.

Extended Morning
Start the fun sooner!
Students attending a 9:00 am class may be dropped off as early as 8:30 am. FEE: $25 per week


Morning Classes
9:15 am, Summer Warmup For Creative Kids, Ages 3.5-5
9:00 am, Young Performers Week, Ages 4-6
9:00 am, Visual Arts Week: Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media, Ages 7-9
9:00 am, Minecraft Maker Week, Ages 7-10
10:00 am, Morning Ceramics Week, Ages 8-11
9:00 am, Maker Week: 3D Printing, Coding, Making, and More, Ages 9-12
9:00 am, Plein-air Painting and Drawing Week, Ages 11-14


Supervised Lunch
Students enrolled in both morning and afternoon classes are invited to stay for a supervised brown bag lunch.
FREE (Registration Required)


Afternoon Classes
12:30 pm, Young Artists Week, Ages 4-6
12:30 pm, Introduction to Ukulele, Ages 7-10
12:30 pm, Introduction to the Guitar, Ages 7-10
12:30 pm, Introduction to the Piano, Ages 7-10
12:30 pm, Maker Week: Engineering, Coding, Building, and More, Ages 7-10
12:30 pm, Storyboarding and Storytelling for Film and Animation, Ages 8 & up
12:30 pm, Get Your Act Together, Ages 8-13
12:30 pm, Visual Arts Week: Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture, Ages 9-12
12:30 pm, Minecraft 3D Printing Week, Ages 10 & up
12:30 pm, Build a Raspberry Pi Gaming Console, Ages 12 & up
12:30 pm, Intro to Graphic Design Week, Ages 12 & up

Late Afternoon Classes
2:45 pm, Minecraft Animation Week, Ages 11 & up
2:45 pm, Manga Club Japanese Cartooning, Ages 9 & up
3:30 pm, Extended Day S.T.E.A.M. Club, Ages 7 & up