How do I participate?

Complete our online form. Unfortunately, not all applicants can be accepted. We have limited space and work to create a wide variety of offerings that will be of interest to our audience.

What are the costs involved?

There are two fees: $125 for a lot (or $225 for two lots), and a 10% commission on all sales at the event. We will provide each vendor with a receipt book to track each transaction and will tally the sales at the end of each day.

How many vendors are there?

We have a total of 35 lots. Many vendors purchase two lots. Last year we had 27 vendors, we expect a similar number this year.

How large are the lots?

Each lot is 6’ x 4’. How you fill that space is largely up to you. We can provide 6’ tables, chairs, and white tablecloths.

Who attends?

Last year, our inaugural event attracted roughly 550 people over two days. We received a very positive response and expect that number to increase this year. The majority of our visitors were women from Rye and the nearby towns of Greenwich, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Harrison, and Rye Brook.

Can I choose my location?

Please share your preferences and we’ll do our best. Unfortunately, meeting everyone’s wishes is simply not possible. Vendors will be spread throughout 3 rooms on our main floor. We create an easy flow and have staff on hand to direct visitors so they weave through each room exploring all the vendors.

Can I use the walls behind my lot?

Unfortunately no, most of our walls have either art works or windows, but many vendors have expanded their usable space by placing boxes and shelves on their table. Self-standing racks along the wall are also ok.

Is everything handmade?

While most of the vendors sell handmade items, it is not required. We select vendors based on the quality, originality, and try to meet the interests of our audience with a selection of items that will appeal to them.

Will vendors be grouped by category?

No. Each room will give visitors a mix of wares.

Do I have to participate in both days?

Yes. We will be promoting all vendors together and don’t want to disappoint your fans if you are only there one day. However, if you are only available for one day but wish you could participate, please let us know. We’ll let you know if an opportunity should arise.

Do I need to break down and reset everything between the two days?

No. The building is locked after the event on Saturday and will reopen for the event on Sunday. The jewelers tend to put their items away and others tend to leave things out or drape a cloth over it.

How do the transactions work?

Each vendor handles their own transactions. The Rye Arts Center will provide receipt books which vendors can use to track the purchases. These will be collected at the end of each day so a 10% commission can be calculated.

What is the mission of The Artisan Boutique?

The Artisan Boutique is a fundraiser for The Rye Arts Center. The proceeds will help us provide need-based scholarships ($25,000+ awarded annually), after-school programs to thousands of children, specialized dance classes for Parkinson’s patients, free exhibitions, and so much more. Click to learn more about our outreach programs.

What is the mission of The Rye Arts Center?

The Rye Arts Center is a community-based, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to inspire interest and maximum participation in the arts in Westchester and the surrounding region. We are committed to offering programs that are characterized by artistic tradition, educational value, and a spirit of innovation.

More questions?

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